Our goal with Slumgullion Bicycle tours is to ride in the mountains as much as possible. You should plan on mountain summer weather. This means cooler temperatures overnight (bring a jacket) and cool mornings.

A typical riding day in the Colorado mountains might have you departing town in 50-60 degree weather. It quickly warms up as the sun rises. Daytime highs in the mountains are usually around 70-80 degrees. The 90’s would be quite unusual. Saguache (Slumgullion Tour) and the Monte Vista area (Wolf Creek Tour) would be two possibilities for warmer temps.

If we overnight at a high altitude town such as Lake City (Slumgullion Tour) or Leadville (Aspen Tour) – the morning temperature will probably dip into the 30’s. You’ll want to be prepared with long layers to start the morning. A few miles down the road you’ll be warm enough to start removing those layers.

If this is a day that we’re climbing, temperatures will remain cool or get even cooler the higher we go. Riding uphill will cause you to sweat (or at least it does me). At a minimum, a jacket or vest will help cut the windchill on the descent. I would suggest you keep long fingered gloves and leg warmers or tights handy for possible additions on the downhills, no matter what time of day.

It is possible that an afternoon storm will catch us at the top of the pass. Typically, you can count on an afternoon shower anywhere from noon to three or four PM. If you pace yourself to get over the top by noon, you should be fine.

Bring clothing for every possible weather situation. It can and does snow in Colorado 12 months of the year. It is possible, but not typical, to see snow in the summer. Bring full winter riding clothing – tights, long fingered gloves, shoe covers, etc. They will most likely stay buried in the bottom of your bag. It is best to be prepared; Mother Nature is fickle.

Bring a large bottle of high SPF sunscreen and use is regularly. The sun is closer in the Rockies.

To get in the mood for the tour, listen to John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High”. That will most likely be your Colorado bicycle vacation experience. Ah!