A Sample Tour Day

If our lodging does not provide breakfast, we designate a breakfast spot, but not a time for breakfast. The people who enjoy getting out early will be first, with others wandering in later. There seems to be a natural division between the early folks and the late ones. I’ve never gone to breakfast without a companion.

There is always a tour leader riding with participants, usually in the rear. The second tour leader will be driving the SAG (Support And Gear) vehicle.

We designate a time to have luggage on the SAG. Typically 8 AM – although that varies with the type of ride we have ahead of us. If you like to get started before 8 AM, it is no problem to bring your luggage out early.

The SAG driver will wait one hour after the last rider leaves before starting on the route. He will slow upon passing each cyclist waiting for the ‘please stop’ signal. This signal is an open handed pat on top of the helmet. It might not be possible to stop immediately, but the driver will stop at the first safe area.

There will be 2-3 designated rest stops per day. Typically the first stop will be about 20 miles/2 hours down the road. Another stop will be at the top of the pass, as most days include a pass. The down hill is usually speedy. Depending on what the rest of the day looks like, we will potentially add a third stop. Ice, water, fresh fruit, cookies, and peanuts will be available at the rest stop. You will also have access to your luggage and any specialty food items you’ve brought along.

If you depart very early and/or ride very fast, it is possible you will arrive in town before your luggage. We will be along after the last rider leaves the last rest stop. Usually the timing works out well, but there might be a small lag.

After the ride everyone typically has a shower and hangs out, eating the provided chips and salsa before we go to our group dinner at 6 PM. Many people choose to explore our host town during the afternoon. If you would like to eat dinner on your own, that is no problem.

After dinner we have a map meeting and discuss the upcoming day. Weather, terrain, and rest stop locations are discussed. We customize the rest stops each day. If your group wants an extra stop, that is completely doable. After the map meeting there is more hanging out and story telling before turning in.

Eat, ride, sleep – touring is a great life!